Henrique de Polignac de Barros

Henrique de Polignac de Barros

APPII Chairman

2019 = news & changes

This year will go down in history as one of the most important periods in the recovery cycle initiated in 2014, not in terms of values or because of records beaten, but for the importance of the new events and changes that are taking place. 2019 will be marked by quality rather than quantity.

There has been a major change of paradigm in the type of investment, moving from the opportunistic cycle phase to value-added and core investment. The type of investor has also changed, evolving from small- and medium-size, with shorter investment tickets, to the entry of the most important global investment vehicles, with much larger investment tickets.

We have also witnessed the arrival of major Spanish and English real estate developers, willing to construct new-build outside the urban centres and for the middle class.

2019 will also be marked by the approval (greatly advocated by APPII) of SIGIs, which was an important step to democratise real estate investment and increase the transparency, competitiveness and professionalisation of the sector, as well as driving capital markets and attracting more and better investment.

Last but not the least, this year will also be remembered for the emergence of the alternative segments co-living, coworking, student housing and senior living, with key players entering Portugal.

APPII is happy to have been a driving force in these new developments and changes.

António Gil Machado

António Gil Machado

Vida Imobiliária Chairman

A year to remember!

2019 is a year that will remain in the minds of professionals in the property market for the best reasons. Not because it was a booming year, but due to the exact opposite, namely consolidation, sophistication and a secure path towards a more professional market.

APPII was a major player in this year’s real estate sector, participating in decisive moments. The approval of a new REIT regime has the potential to represent a new form of investment, more concentrated on the long term and using new sources of capital.

The arrival of new real estate products with greater focus on society’s needs, is another sign of market consolidation and sophistication. New student residence projects, senior living spaces, work concepts and hotel formats, placed on the market by international and national operators. Once again, APPII and Vida Imobiliária came together to promote these new concepts and investment models, driving debate and presenting the best market practises.

Portugal is on the map of international investment and these signs of market consolidation and professionalisation bring a sense of security and generate confidence, resulting in even more investment!

Evidence of the joint efforts by APPII and Vida Imobiliária is in the publication we present here. This Exclusive Guide for Property Developers and Investors is the largest we have produced so far. More and better content and partners make this a record edition in more than 10 years of publication!

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