António Gil Machado

António Gil Machado

Vida Imobiliária Chairman

Maintain the momentum!

We are currently in a favourable economic phase and Portuguese cities are displaying extremely positive momentum, in an effort to regenerate that is being led by developers.

The quality of life offered by our cities is a unique attraction that Portugal is finally capitalising on, succeeding for the first time to compete in the European scenario as an outstanding destination to study, work, live and retire... Or, in other words: enjoy Portugal!

What took so long and such sacrifice to achieve throughout the last ten years, cannot and should not be compromised! Political populism in a pre-election year must not jeopardise a cycle that is creating unprecedented wealth unseen in the past twenty years. We cannot think of ourselves as a rich country because, in reality, we are still little more than remedied!

Developers and stakeholders in the construction and real estate sectors have their share of responsibility to be a firm voice of reason, in the forefront as social partners and true builders of the cities we want for our children.

This Exclusive Guide for Property Developers and Investors, which Vida Imobiliária has the pleasure of presenting in partnership with APPII, is in itself living proof of the importance of property development and its key role to create wealth for our country!

Happy reading.

Henrique de Polignac de Barros

Henrique de Polignac de Barros

APPII Chairman

Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate….

This must be the key word in the national property sector.

Portugal is currently considered one of the most prominent destinations for real estate investment in the world and this has made our market (along with tourism) one of the cornerstones of the Portuguese economy. This is evidenced by the 11% share represented by real estate in the GDP last year, with the ability to attract 21.7 billion euros in investment, according to data by our Confederation. If we add the share represented by tourism, these two pillars are responsible for 20% of the national GDP. 

However, if we consider all real estate investment carried out in Portugal in the post-crisis period, this reaches the impressive figure of 70 billion euros, which includes more than 15 billion euros in foreign investment.

Now it’s time to prove that Portugal is more than just a country that is in vogue, or that all of this momentum is not the result of a mere miracle. 

Prospects for the future are good but, for these to materialise, it is necessary to keep working to consolidate our market as a frontline destination. If we don’t want the last four years to have merely represented the circumstance that, in the same country and the same period, a series of factors (geopolitical, economic, social, cultural and legal) came together and made Portugal a global success story, it is crucial to consolidate. If we want to continue to compete with capitals like Madrid, Barcelona, Paris or London, we must make our cities what these are, in other words, consolidated investment and tourism destinations.

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